Coaching and Workshops

Workshops with Eliza Palumbo

Your actors and students can learn stage combat safely, in a positive, joyful environment! Based on your time requirements and your goals, I will facilitate a workshop that teaches the basics of theatrical violence, emphasizes best practices and keeps participants protected.

Gaining a basic knowledge and understanding of these techniques is a significant tool for any actor to feel comfortable both in rehearsal and in performance when choreographed violence is required.

Your chosen script – play, musical or opera – may contain any of the following:

  • chokes
  • slaps
  • kicks
  • punches
  • falls
  • other unarmed or armed violence

My workshops will give your actors confidence and self-assurance while guiding them through basic, universal combat moves while keeping them safe in violent scenes.

Bonus – everyone will have a great deal of fun while learning!