Wedding/Corporate Events

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Team Building and Workshops

Whether you are building a new team for your organization or looking to revitalize an existing one, look to my Art Of Stage Combat Workshops. They are a dynamic new way to open your team up to its fullest potential.

Honest communication, intense teamwork and a sense of fun are necessary for your team to work as a whole – and they are also necessary in stage combat. Through this art, including hand to hand, sword play and other various weapons styles, your team will learn how to work together using effective, open and honest communication. They will learn the value of working specifically and will understand that sometimes to go fast, you have to start slow.

Stage combat is also an excellent way for people to become comfortable with one another very quickly; relationships form in an hour that may have otherwise taken weeks for the team to build.

Look to Eliza Palumbo and the Art of Stage Combat Workshops when communication and easy camaraderie have fallen away in your team’s day to day work. We’ll learn to speak honestly and clearly with one another, build trust and team spirit, and have some really cool photos to show at the holiday party this year!

BONUS – When you have Games Of Thrones fans on your team, my personal coaching is a perfect recognition or sales award.


Weddings and Parties

You’re wishing for a medieval wedding or party and I can help deliver it! I can bring the sword-swinging, punch-throwing, knife-wielding entertainment you’ve been dreaming of to your reception. Using safely and carefully choreographed stage violence, we can offer:

• kidnapping and rescue of the bride or birthday honoree

• battle your new spouse (or your old one!)

• mass battle of the wedding party

• or just about anything you and I can brainstorm together!


Corporate Events

Whether you’re looking for “Game of Thrones”-type entertainment or full-on conference participation, I can present a storyline and appropriate fight using a variety of weapons and techniques or lead your group through basic lessons in stage violence that will build individual confidence and trust within the team – and provide a very enjoyable session!


Call 708-822-4540 today or email and we’ll begin outlining ways to bring your wedding, birthday, anniversary, conference or event to feudal fruition!